Dear Parents,

as our site suggests, we are engaged in the production, sale, service and even re-purchase of Babybike. Babybike are a phenomenon that brings together many parents around the world, as it is a unique opportunity to experience children’s daily adventures on the road and in the city and not to be restricted, whether children are healthy or ill. Here is a short cross-section of what you will find on our site:

  • where it is possible to try and rent the Kolokočárek
  • what tips we offer and who they are designed for
  • what is the advantage of Babybike versus clasical bike
  • what are the financing options when buying a Babybike
  • how to get involved with our project
  • what our foundation brings to Babybike
  • what are the current competitions and challenges for those interested in Babybikek
    Attention spring events: By the begining of the new year you can buy the Babybike Clasic for justr 950 Euro.